How is this guy not under arrest again?

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Right-wing conspiracy monger Alex Jones said last ​Wednesday that his years-old warnings about a ​globalist “New World Order​” takeover of ​the United States were coming true, so his listeners should try to overcome their fear of death and be ready to “kill as many of them as quickly as possible”—in a “defensive” way, he ​added.

Issuing his latest conspiracy theory from behind an Infowars news desk display​ing military style rifles​, Jones told listeners of “The Alex Jones Show” that his outlet had “confirmed” that “Maoists” in major cities have “explosives and weapons and trucks loaded with ammonium nitrate and just chlorine gas—everything” and are preparing to murder government officials and right-wing talk show hosts. Jones cautioned listeners to avoid “jumping first” at the supposed threat but said they should be ready to start killing people.

“I want to avoid confrontation. I don’t need to put that on my belt that—I mean, I don’t even want to kill these globalists,” Jones said. “But if they want to kill us, the best thing to do in a defensive way is kill as many of them as quickly as possible. Again, the media will misquote that. I don’t want to offensively kill anybody. But I’m not going to take this, OK?”

Jones recommended that people start taking down names and making a list “like Santa Claus” and to “just think about the future.”

“If they take down your country, if they destroy your bank account, they murder a bunch of patriot leaders, what are you going to do? Because you always talked about when the New World Order came in and when the U.N. did this​, you were going to go out and shoot folks in blue helmets. They don’t wear blue helmets. They show up in black uniforms and burn down your local courthouse and overthrow your government, run your life,” Jones said. “And once they get control of your police, those officers are programmed robots now, they’ll follow orders to come after you.”

Jones told viewers not to “have a civil war with the cops, even if they’re captured and cowards and bad people, some of them,” but rather to wage their war against academics and “the establishment perverts and pedophiles that run it.”

“If you’re running a war, you kill high-value targets, and that means the leadership of the New World Order,” Jones said.

So I am guessing that these “high-value targets” are folks like perhaps a newly elected President and this VP?

Or maybe a governor, Senator, or Congressman whose ideology you dislike?

It certainly sounds to me as if Jones is promoting the overthrow of the government through violent means. 

And yes I know that Jones has been saying crazy shit like this for decades now, but we are living in frightening times and the whole country feels like a powder keg just waiting for somebody to light its fuse.

This seems as if Jones is desperately trying to light that fuse.