Damn! You know every once in awhile I forget just how batshit crazy this lunatic is, right up until I hear him ranting on the radio.

Courtesy The Daily Beast

InfoWars conspiracy theorist and Roger Stone ally Alex Jones stepped up his attacks on the jury at Stone’s trial on Tuesday, broadcasting the name and face of a woman he claimed was a juror at the trial and calling her a “minion” of anti-Trump forces.

“We’ve got her name, and we’re going to release it,” Jones said on his InfoWars broadcast, before revealing a woman’s name and putting her face on the screen behind him.

Jones’ attacks on the jury were based on reporting that the first potential juror in the case was a former Obama administration employee in the Office of Management and Budget whose husband works for the Department of Justice. But in his rush to attack the potential juror as a deep-state plant, Jones appears to have gotten the wrong person.

During his broadcast, Jones didn’t show a picture of the actual potential juror, who, despite his claims, didn’t make it onto the jury anyway. Instead, he showed a picture of another former OMB staffer who appears to be totally unrelated to the Stone trial.

Apparently this is not Jones first attempt at intimidating this jury, and he has also been attacking the judge nonstop since the beginning of the trial. 

I assume that Jones is under the mistaken impression that people take him seriously. 

They don’t.

And what’s more his audience of pasty-faced incels has been greatly reduced since the crackdown by Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

At this point he is essentially a nobody, and in my opinion was never really a somebody worthy of attention.