I am so embarrassed.

Courtesy of the Frontiersman:

Congressman Don Young spoke to a group of over 50 seniors citizens and Chamber of Commerce members at the Mat-Su Senior Services building in Palmer on Friday. Speaking to a joint meeting of the Palmer and Wasilla chambers of commerce, Young dispelled fear over the novel coronavirus and discussed the economy.

“I say the exciting part about if you just look even in China where this thing originated, it peaked and it’s going down. It will happen here in the United States,” said Young. “This beer virus I call it, they call it a coronavirus I call it a beer virus how do you like that. It attacks our senior citizens. Now I’m one of you. I still say we have to as a nation, as a state to go forth with our everyday activities.”

Young entertained no notion of canceling the scheduled event at MSSC after flying in from Washington D.C. late Thursday night. Young partially discussed a bill of $50 billion in stimulus funds due to the disturbance of the economy.

“This challenge we have, the small business community is going to have some support from congress in the sense of loans and in the sense of loan forgiveness. If they lose business with the development of this corona attack, again the beer virus, we can overcome this mess if we just be calm,” said Young. “Whether you realize it or not we are at war now, but mostly because of the presentations by the mass media.”

“The president’s proposal sounds good, $50 billion, $50 billion we don’t have. We’re going to borrow the money from future generations to solve the problem right now that’s been created primarily by hysteria,” said Young. “If I’m going to be stuck somewhere I want to be stuck in Alaska. I don’t want to be there with that bunch of monkeys, I want to be here.”

Young spoke briefly on his dealings in D.C., and the difficulties created by the coronavirus.

“This is blown out of proportion about how deadly this is. It’s deadly but it’s not nearly as deadly as the other viruses we have, but we respond to I call it the hysteria concept,” said Young. “Most of this medical equipment we’re using, 85 percent is coming from China. That’s wrong guys and I blame the pharmaceutical companies.”

The “beer virus?” This guy is such a fucking moron. 

Literally the only thing I agree with our lone Congressman on is that Alaska is a great place to be while this pandemic is spreading. 

We have lots of open space, great locally grown food to sustain us, and most of us try to avoid the rest of us anyway, so no real change in behaviors.