I am so ashamed.

Courtesy of CNN:

Senate GOP resistance is building over Democratic measures to bolster security around US elections, setting the stage for a partisan clash with the House over imposing tougher safeguards ahead of 2020.

In the latest sign of the escalating standoff, GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska dismissed calls Monday for election security legislation, while also rejecting a push by Democratic lawmakers to require campaigns to disclose to federal authorities if foreign nationals offer them help in presidential elections. It’s the latest sign of how the topic of election security has suddenly become a flashpoint in Congress amid President Donald Trump’s all-out assault on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

“I’m not sure why we need to have one,” Murkowski said when asked if she believed the Senate should advance an election security bill.

“I know there are some who believe we have to do more election reform. I think some of it is calculated to add, I think, additional fuel to the Mueller report and the aftermath of that.”

Murkowski also said she expected campaigns to voluntarily report offers of foreign interference to federal authorities, saying legislation to mandate such disclosure would amount to “political fodder.”

“It seems to me that good sense would say you should report that, and we ought not need to legislate it,” Murkowski said. “The effort to sort of capture the news of the moment and the tweet of the day and legislate in a response that is designed, again, just for more political fodder. “

Murkowki added, “People are talking a lot around here about whether or not we are legislating. I want to legislate on things that are important to what’s going on out there in the country.”

I’m sorry, exactly what is more important than protecting the integrity of elections?

I have to admit that this one blindsided me. 

This is not typically the kind of thing that Murkowski would make a public comment about. 

I would not have been all that surprised to learn that she voted along with the Republicans against a bill, but that is because she is a good soldier and typically falls in line unless it serves her politically not to. 

However, to come out and support blocking this bill from even being brought to a vote is more than a little surprising. 

It makes you kind of wonder what kind of foreign support she may have received in the past or hopes to receive in the future.