I think we all saw this coming.

Courtesy of the New York Post

Sarah Palin’s divorce papers will go under wraps, a judge has ruled.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Una Gandbhir ordered that the case file be sealed from the public, following the revelation earlier this week that Todd Palin filed for divorce following 31 years of marriage to the erstwhile Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate.

While the parties are only identified in documents by their initials, a number of other pieces of information indicate the case belongs to the former Alaskan governor and onetime vice-presidential hopeful — including birthdates, wedding date, hometown, middle initials, and the initials of their uniquely-named minor son, Trig Paxson Van Palin

Todd filed for divorce on Sept. 6, his 55th birthday.

You gotta love that Todd chose his birthday to file these papers. 

I guess what he wanted this year was his damn freedom. 

I had a feeling this was coming because the Palins clearly have a gag order placed on all friends and family members right now. 

None of the Palin kids have mentioned anything on their social media accounts, and all of my former sources are MIA right now.

Which stands to reason of course.

After all, Palin has been denying problems in the marriage for over ten years now despite evidence of them living apart, reports of strife within the family, and books detailing her tumultuous relationship with Todd. 

This must be highly embarrassing for them, and it surely must make it worse that all of us are busy limbering up so that we can dance on the grave of their marriage. 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve waited over ten years to get my dance on, I am just reporting things from her perspective.