Technically he was our first death.

Courtesy of KTVA:

State and public health officials announced the first COVID-19 death counted in the state as the novel coronavirus spreads within Alaska communities.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink and Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum held a press conference Tuesday as part of an ongoing effort to keep Alaskans informed about the state’s response to the virus.

The person who died was an Alaska resident, but is believed to have contracted the virus in Washington state after spending time there.

The person died in Washington state, but the death is counted in Alaska per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules. Zink said the person was a “higher risk” patient who was older with comorbidities.

So this guy contracted the disease in Washington and also died in Washington, so in reality nobody up here has contracted the disease in the state and then died. 

But of course that will happwn .

Curretnly we have 42 active cases, and they are spread all over the state. 

The youngest victim is between 19 and 29 while the oldest is 60.