This is because he fears journalists in Alaska.

Courtesy ADN:

In a series of interviews with national conservative media outlets this month, Gov. Mike Dunleavy has launched an aggressive defense of his policies and against the recall campaign.

Republicans and the governor say he’s taking his message national because of dissatisfaction with coverage by Alaska media. But recall proponents say he’s stretching the truth, and some lawmakers believe an overly aggressive attitude toward opponents could create friction during the next legislative session.

Political consultants say there’s a side benefit to an Outside pitch: National coverage makes it easier for the governor to raise money for his recall defense.

The governor avoids traveling, public speaking and formal interviews, which makes his recent publicity swing unusual. He has repeatedly turned down interview requests with Alaska TV, radio and print media.

Though he avoids the local media like the plague Dunleavy has been readily available for interviews on Fox News and Breitbart:

Fox News aired an interview with host Neil Cavuto in which Dunleavy said “some folks on the left” don’t agree with his budget plan and want to reverse the results of the 2018 election that put him in office.

He labeled his opponents “special interests” and “folks that want a larger government.”

“It’s those special interests who are trying to redo the election here in Alaska and trying to impeach the president now nationally,” the governor told Breitbart News in an interview earlier this month.

Besides getting national attention and raising out of state money, this also allows Dunleavy to lie with impunity to an audience that does not know any better, unlike here in Alaska. 

And folks this is old news to Alaskans, because it is a page directly out of the Sarah Palin pagebook from back in 2009 to 2011. 

Palin also whined all over conservative news about how mistreated she was by the liberals and Alaska Democrats, which did not play well here at all because by then we knew she was a fraud and a phony.

Her attempts to be a local kingmaker invariably blew up in her face, and her opinon on everything was mocked mercilessly until finally she shut the fuck up. 

I envision a similar outcome for Dunleavy though he might still be able to avoid becoming a national laughingstock.