Oh, is he also a Russian asset? I had not realized that.

Courtesy of The Anchorage Press

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is trying to generate national opposition to the recall campaign by appearing on right-wing talk shows and giving interviews to sympathetic websites, portraying himself as a victim of the same forces opposing President Trump.

If Dunleavy can sell this line of hokum, it might gain him financial assistance from wealthy Outside donors beyond his brother in Texas. Without this alleged Trump parallel of persecution, he’ll have a hard time generating national attention.

After telling the audience at a Republican chili cook-off in Palmer last week, that “I may call upon you to help out” fighting the recall, he plugged his website and mentioned he is taking his message Outside.

“I’ve been doing a number of national shows. I’ll be going back to D.C. and New York to do some of the shows that you will watch on some of the conservative channels. Have a discussion about Alaska. They’re very interested in Alaska. You’re going to see a lot of editorials.”

This sounds like a campaign trip for Dunleavy.

His pitch? He has been persecuted by the left, the news media and special interests, just like President Trump.

Dunleavy has been practicing this spiel for weeks. And it is likely to be his major argument in the recall. It’s a weak hand.

Apparently Dunleavy has not been following the news, because tying yourself to a candidate who is about to be impeached seems like a very bad idea. 

Of course, to be fair, Dunleavy does have a number of things in common with Trump.

Both are unfit for their current job, both take a scorched earth approach to politics, and both are about to be removed from office.