Just goes to show that in some ways Alaska is very progressive. 

Courtesy of Marijuana Moment:

Later this year, Alaska marijuana consumers will be able to buy their cannabis and smoke it, too—all under the same roof.

Adults 21 and over can buy regulated and taxed cannabis from licensed storefront dispensaries in a growing number of U.S. states—but until Alaska Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer (R) signed new regulations into law on Tuesday, no states had been in the business of issuing permits authorizing on-site consumption.

There are some dispensaries in California that allow cannabis users to consume their purchases on-site in accordance with local policy—nearly all of which are in San Francisco, which permitted such use in the medical marijuana era—and businesses in Denver can apply for permits to allow vaporizing.

But other than that, thus far in the legalization era, a safe place (other than one’s own private home) to sit and consume legally purchased cannabis has been elusive. As in every other state where marijuana is legal, outdoor smoking is illegal. Cannabis consumers in certain rental housing risk fines or eviction for using the legal substance.

Now, licensed retail businesses in Alaska will be able to begin applying for a “special onsite use endorsement” from the state beginning April 11.

I always like to make it a point to let people know when Alaska does something that is unexpectedly progressive. 

I also like to remind people that Alaska was not always a conservative hellhole, but that in its not so distant past it had a fairly progressive political climate. 

Though to be fair pot consumption in Alaska is by no means a partisan issue. 

We have plenty of potheads up here who still want to rape the land and drive their jacked up four wheel drive pickup trucks over imported vehicles.  

And they will have no issue at all sitting in a cannabis lounge smoking out with some leftover hippie resident of Girdwood talking about renewable energy and the benefits of their polyamorous lifestyle. 

That’s Alaska for you.