Oh, this guy again. 

Courtesy of KTUU:

A Fairbanks man who made headlines years ago for conspiring to murder federal officials will his charges re-sentenced following a court of appeals decision.

Militia leader Schaeffer Cox, a guns rights activist and sovereign citizen ideologist, was convicted in 2012 for his role in an armed conspiracy to murder federal officials.

He was sentenced to serve almost 26 years in prison, but subsequently appealed the ruling on one count, solicitation to murder a federal officer.

The appeal was made on the grounds that, although Cox believed federal assassins were being sent by the government to kill him, those agents did not exist, and thus he couldn’t solicit his security team to murder them.

That appeal was denied by the Supreme Court of the United States this summer, among the more than 150 petitions to the court rejected without explanation.

The 9th Circuit, however, upheld the appeal, overturning the murder solicitation conviction but upholding his other convictions last year.

Cox also threatened to kill at least one federal judge and attempted to obtain illegal weapons so he is not getting out of prison anytime soon regardless of how this new trial goes. 

Currently, Cox is supposed to remain in prison until the year 2033. And in my opinion that is not nearly long enough. 

Cox also once pleaded insanity and then recanted it later on, but if you have heard any of the tapes that were recorded by informants, it is pretty clear that Schaeffer Cox is a deeply disturbed individual who should remain exactly where he is. 

After all, Alaska has enough crazy people running around.