Man, they sure grow them dumb in Alabama, don’t they?

Courtesy of TPM:

Alabama state Sen. Del Marsh (R), who serves as the Senate’s President Pro Tempore, tried to make the claim on Thursday that the astounding increase in COVID-19 cases rippling across the state is actually a good thing.

The number of hospitalizations in Alabama skyrocketed by 40 percent within 24 hours on Wednesday.

And on Thursday, 2,164 cases emerged in the state, marking its highest single-day caseload thus far.

Yet Marsh told reporters that day that he was “not as concerned” about the staggering caseload, per a video posted by WSFA 12 News reporter Lydia Nusbaum.

“In fact, quite honestly, I want to see more people [test positive] because we start reaching an immunity if more people have it and get through it,” he said.

However, health experts said that trying to combat COVID-19 with a “herd immunity” through natural infection, which would require hundreds of millions of people to catch the virus, is incredibly risky and could in fact worsen the pandemic.

Currently, Alabama now has over 50,000 cases in their state and is seeing between 1,000 and 2,000 new cases a day. 

Suggesting that this is a good thing is insane. 

Britain also tried the herd immunity approach to this virus, and now has almost 300,000 cases and came very close to losing their Prime Minister to the disease. 

This kind of thinking is inhumane and cruel, and one has to wonder just which of his family members Senator Marsh is willing to sacrifice to the disease?