How many months have we been dealing with his pandemic now?

Courtesy of The Hill:

Airline passengers are encountering a patchwork of rules when it comes to wearing masks on planes and in airports, creating confusion and frustration among customers and companies alike.

With no federal law for wearing masks on planes or in airports, airlines are setting their own policies. Some have removed noncompliant passengers and banned them from future flights, as was the case earlier this week when American Airlines removed a pro-Trump activist.

Airports across the country, meanwhile, have inconsistent standards for facial coverings, prompting the airline industry to beg government officials to establish national guidelines for air travel. Most airports are allowed to set their own policies for masks.

“I can’t emphasize that enough — we would welcome regulations on a temporary basis that you should wear a mask in an airport when you’re transferring through it,” Airports Council International – North America President Kevin M. Burke said this past week.

“If in fact you have to wear it on an airplane, you should be wearing it during your trip through the airport,” he added. “You can infect as many people without a mask going through an airport as you would getting on an airplane.”

This quite literally drives me nuts. 

I think we should have made mask-wearing mandatory throughout the country months ago. 

But at the very least, and I do mean the very least, we should make it mandatory on public transportation. 

I mean there is very little choice but to be crammed together with other strangers that you do not know, so making PPE mandatory just seems like a no-brainer.