I think the men in America will be glad to hear that.

Courtesy of WaPo:

“No matter how bad ‘Teen Mom’ tries to portray my ‘life’ ….. my babies, my family, my close friends, they know the TRUTH. I’m a pretty great mom, work my a– off, show up, and hustle every day to give my kids a pretty great life,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that producers just wanted “Jerry Springer BS” and drama. “Every week is a continued disappointment with their inaccuracies and false narratives . . . Don’t believe everything you see on TV.”

Her ex-husband, Dakota Meyer (they share two young daughters, Sailor and Atlee) was heavily featured on the series, which focused on their bitter divorce that was finalized late last year. Meyer also made his displeasure with the show known on social media, calling the series “trailer trash” that ignored “what the true struggles of parenting are.”

Clearly, neither Bristol or Dakota felt these scenes represented them fairly, especially because so many centered on them fighting.

“Why don’t you come show the real side of being a single parent? Of getting up in the morning, trying to get the kids out the door before you gotta go to work, and working 10, 12 hours a day,” Dakota said in a lengthy YouTube rant. “It’s such bull . . . ’cause it’s about the drama, and they have so much good that they could do. They have so many people who are watching, and they could truly make a difference. But they’re not.”

There’s a simple reason the producers don’t want to feature those scenes: it wouldn’t make for very compelling TV. However, the show did get into some weightier topics in the two-part reunion that concluded last week, as MTV enlisted famed psychologist Dr. Drew to interview the contestants.

In the first part, Dr. Drew grilled Bristol about the difficulty of divorce. In the second, Dr. Drew asked Dakota about his PTSD and discussed how Dakota shutting down emotionally made Bristol feel like she had been “abandoned.”

The intimate conversation was difficult to watch, but led to Bristol and Dakota sitting together, forging a fragile peace. (In a YouTube video, Dakota said he and Bristol’s relationship has improved since the reunion.)

“There’s so much good here, and all this horribleness seems misplaced,” Dr. Drew said, turning to Dakota. “Could you ever get back together with Bristol?”

“I’ll never get married again,” Dakota said.

Dr. Drew tried with Bristol: “Could you see being with him again? Or is there too much water under the bridge?”

“I would never get married again,” Bristol said.

What a match.

One suffered from PTSD due to his military experiences.

And the other suffered from PTSD due to growing up in the Palin household.

It was doomed from the start. 

Then you add to that the pressure of having the end of your relationship broadcast into living rooms all over America, and yeah that just might put you off marriage permanently. 

Of course in Bristol’s case just because nobody will put a ring on it, does not mean that nobody can put a baby in it. 

I almost guarantee that she will pop out another kid or two. 

As for Dakota, I take him at his word that he does not feel he can sustain a committed relationship. 

I think ultimately he might make a good dad. 

He is sure to fuck up a lot, but he clearly loves them and that tends to help gloss over the mistakes in the end. 

I think ultimately Levi Johnson benefited the most from this show. 

He came off looking like a great parent and he got paid as well. 

Good for him.