The beginning of a pattern?

Courtesy of the BBC:

A top US official in the fight against so-called Islamic State group has quit over President Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria.

Brett McGurk, the US special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat IS, brought his departure forward from February.

In his resignation letter, seen by AP news agency, Mr. McGurk said that IS militants in Syria were on the run but not yet defeated. He said that withdrawing US forces from Syria would create the conditions that gave rise to IS.

In an email to staff quoted by the New York Times, he said Mr. Trump’s decision to pull out troops “came as a shock and was a complete reversal of policy”. It “left our coalition partners confused and our fighting partners bewildered”, he said.

“I ultimately concluded I could not carry out these new instructions and maintain my integrity,” he went on to say.

In response to this news Trump tweeted out this:

Did you notice the dig about being appointed by Obama?

That probably indicated that he was competent at his job, and there is no room for competence in the Trump Administration dammit! 

Former National Security Advisor had the same thought.

Trump is right about one thing, we would most definitely be celebrating the removal of troops from Syria, if we knew it was being done by somebody who knew what the hell they were doing. 

But sadly, this is not the case here.