Should have been done over a week ago.

Courtesy of ADN:

Amid word of Alaska’s first in-state death from the new coronavirus Friday, the state issued a series of sweeping new mandates aimed at corralling the spread of the disease.

In effect Saturday at 5 p.m., Alaskans are ordered to shelter at home and close all non-essential businesses, officials said at a media briefing Friday evening. Residents are ordered to stay 6 feet away from anyone who isn’t a household member.

As of 8 a.m. Saturday, the state is also banning all non-essential travel within Alaska, to slow the spread of the virus between communities.

“We just want to let folks know at this point, given where we are and the cases are growing, we want to try to isolate as many Alaskans as possible,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy said.

The business closure exempts health care, public government and essential businesses. Closed businesses include those deemed non-critical, such as entertainment venues, gyms and businesses where people come into close contact, such as hair and nail salons. Restaurants are allowed to remain open only for drive-thru, delivery and carry-out service; dine-in service is not allowed.

I really think we are seeing in real time the difference in having Democrats in charge and having Republicans in charge. 

Ethan Berkowitz the Democrat who is the mayor of Anchorage was the first one in the state to issue a shelter at home order for his constituents almost a week ago. 

On the other hand Dunleavy, a Republican, did do some positive things, but did not issue that shelter at home order until just yesterday. 

In a virus that spreads this fast those six days could be the difference between a hundred cases in the state, and thousands. 

I still think that on the whole we are acting far more aggressively and intelligently than a lot of states, and I don’t want to ding Dunleavy too hard, but It is hard not to notice that Democratic leaders are far better at gauging the severity of a situaton and responding quickly than are the Republicans. 

It’s just a thing to keep in mind during election time. 

By the way as of this post Alaska currently has 85 positive cases of the Coronavirus.