Courtesy of NBC News:

The plane that crashed was a Boeing 737 Max 8, the same model as an Indonesian Lion Air flight that crashed after takeoff in October, killing all 189 people on board.

A Boeing spokesman said the company’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, spoke with Trump following the president’s tweets Tuesday morning and “made it clear he is absolutely confident in the safety of the airplanes.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that U.S. airlines can still fly the model. Numerous countries, including those of the European Union, Australia, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Argentina, have grounded the Boeing 737 Max jets.

It should probably be pointed out that air travel is probably safer today than in any time in aviation history. 

And one of the main reasons for that is the sophisticated software that helps to fly and navigate the planes and helps to mitigate pilot error. 

Besides isn’t everything complex to this stubby fingered moron?