Courtesy of The Hill:

The State Department has removed an NPR reporter from a group of journalists traveling this week to Europe and Central Asia with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, days after Pompeo publicly feuded with the news outlet following a tense interview.

An organization representing correspondents covering the State Department made the announcement in a statement on Monday. The group says it believes the removal of Michele Kelemen from the press pool was a response to the flare-up between Pompeo and her NPR colleague Mary Louise Kelly.

“We can only conclude that the State Department is retaliating against National Public Radio as a result of this exchange,” Shaun Tandon, president of the State Department Correspondents’ Association, said in the statement.

“Michele is a consummate professional who has covered the State Department for nearly two decades. We respectfully ask the State Department to reconsider and allow Michele to travel on the plane for this trip,” Tandon added.

Boy these cranky old white guys really don’t like being called out for their bullying behavior, do they?

Especially by a “gasp” woman!

You know it’s like Trump has surrounded himself with misogynistic, thin skinned, assholes just like him. 

So now the whole cabinet seems to be bulging at the seams with Donald Trump clones. 

Oh shit, I think I just scared the crap out of myself!