Courtesy of Business Insider:

President Donald Trump appeared to be playing golf Saturday, just days before states on the southeast coast were set to be battered by Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, which the National Hurrican Center has called catastrophic.

Official communications from the White House and statements from the president himself ahead of the weekend trip suggested that Trump would be spending his time at Camp David in Maryland monitoring and preparing for the storm.

According to press pool reports, however, Trump traveled to his Sterling, Virginia golf course Saturday morning by helicopter from Camp David. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham reportedly told reporters that someone from FEMA was briefing him on the hurricane every hour.

Trump departed the course at 2:40 PM, according to his schedule, and received his scheduled full briefing at Camp David when he returned.

The White House is not explicitly acknowledged that Trump was golfing, but virtually every news outlet reported he was there because, in fact, he was there. 

The White House did confirm that Trump is receiving updates from FEMA about the storm’s progress, the same updates he would have recevied if he had gone on the trip to Poland instead of standing up yet another world leader. 

So it would seem to me that Trump simply used a national emergency to skip out on his responsibilities and stay home to play golf instead. 

Essentially Trump is acting like a middle school kid who faked being sick so that he could skip school and play video games all day. 

Which for him would be a step up since most of the time he acts like a toddler in the middle of a fist pounding feet stomping tantrum.