Kids can use all of the help they can get at this point.

Courtesy of NBC News:

Angelina Jolie and the BBC want to give young viewers real tools to stop fake news.

Jolie will executive produce “BBC My World,” a program that explains the stories behind news and offers facts and information that helps kids over the age of 13 make up their own minds on pressing international issues. The series will tap the reporting of the BBC World Service and is a co-production with Jolie and Microsoft Education. The BBC will retain final editorial approval of content in the series.

“As a parent I am happy to be able to give my support to a program that aims to help children learn more about the lives of other young people around the world, and connect to them to each other,” says Jolie in a prepared statement. “I hope it will help children find the information and tools they need to make a difference on the issues that matter to them, drawing on the BBC World Service’s network of thousands of journalists and multiple language services around the world.”

The weekly half-hour program will be broadcast via BBC World News, the organization’s most-watched channel. It will air each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. eastern, and its content will be shared with BBC’s 42 different language services. It will also be made available via a YouTube channel and the BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom.

Producers see the show as a tool to help young audiences, who are allowed to roam on many social-media outlets, but come across all kinds of news content aimed at adults, yet have less of a grasp about how to distinguish content by levels of quality.

Actually I would disagree that many adults possess the ability to distinguish between real facts from fake ones presented on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlets. 

In fact I believe that lack of ability is why we are facing the current crises that we facing in both America and the UK. 

So I not only applaud the BBC and Ms. Jolie for their efforts to educate our children, but I hope thier parents will sit down with them to watch the programming as well.