Courtesy of Huffington Post:

Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard didn’t mince words when asked why people in his industry tend to oppose President Donald Trump.

Howard, whose 2001 film “A Beautiful Mind” won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, said many of his colleagues know Trump from the president’s own career in the entertainment industry. Trump starred in the long-running reality TV show “The Apprentice” and has made multiple cameos in television and movies.

My favorite part of this was that the right wing trolls attacked Howard by calling him “Opie.”

Of course the problem with that avenue of attack is that Ron Howard is in no way ashamed of playing that character, and of course Opie Taylor was a young boy with extremely good morals who always strove to do the right thing. 

And in fact Howard’s other famous TV character Richie Cunningham was much the same, so I doubt calling him “Richie” would cause him to second guess making these remarks either. 

Let’s face it Ron Howard was simply telling the truth just as you would expect from Richie Cunningham or Opie Taylor.