Courtesy of NBC News

Active-duty U.S. troops are now stationed inside the Border Patrol’s holding facility in Donna, Texas, and monitoring migrant adults and children from just a few feet away, according to two current and two former defense officials, a move a congressman says comes close to violating a 140-year-old federal law.

Despite past assurances from federal officials that the active-duty U.S. troops deployed to the border would not be in direct contact with migrants or be used for law enforcement, the service members stand watch over the migrants. The troops are perched on raised platforms throughout a large room where the migrants are held, according to the four officials.

The troops were assigned to the facility to provide welfare checks on the migrants, but the officials say that has evolved into a continual presence watching over them. 

The troops are not armed and are supposed to refer problems to Customs and Border Protection officials rather than interact with the migrants, the officials say, but they are permitted to respond to situations that require immediate medical attention.

Active-duty troops are barred from performing law enforcement functions inside the United States by the Posse Comitatus Act, a federal law enacted in 1878 that prohibits the government from using military forces to act as a police force within U.S. borders.

The US Military is trained ot defeat the enemy not watch over the health and well being of desperate people who have risked everything to find a better life. 

I mean we all remember Abu Ghraib, right? 

Every day we inch closer and closer to military-run concentration camps. 

When I first heard that Donald Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bed I thought that perhaps he just admired the man’s speaking ability, but now I wonder if it was not more than that. 

Much more than that. 

I mean Trump is definitely working off some guidebook, and it certainly is not the Constitution of the United States of America.