Okay, this one’s a little bit scary.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

An active-duty Marine assigned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina has been charged in an illegal firearms conspiracy—which prosecutors allege was run by a cabal of neo-Nazi ex-military men who wanted to create a “modern day SS.”

The evidence includes a sickening video of live-fire weapons training that ended with the masked participants giving “Heil Hitler” salutes before a slide with the message: “Come home white man.” It also includes chat logs in which the men discussed shooting anti-racism protesters.

Justin Wade Hermanson, 21, was named in a federal indictment along with Liam Collins, 21, and Jordan Duncan, 26, both ex-Marines who served at Camp Lejeune. The fourth person charged is Paul Kryscuk, 35, who linked up with Collins on Iron March, the now-defunct fascist forum that gave birth to the terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division.

The court papers unsealed in federal court this week lay out a chilling scenario: Plans for a paramilitary organization that would buy up land and eventually wage a guerrilla war on “urban” Americans.

Collins, who had just enlisted in the Marines and didn’t leave the service until this September, described his twisted vision in a 2017 Iron March post.

“[E]everyone [in the group] is going to be required to have served in a nation’s military, whether US, UK, or Poland …. Its a goal for the longterm,” the post said. “I’ll be in the USMC for 4 years while my comrades work on the groups physical formation … .It will take years to gather all the experience and intelligence that we need to utilize – but that’s what makes it fun. It takes a man’s willpower and heart to make a commitment like this.”

In a 2017 message to Collins, Kryscuk allegedly fantasized about bringing about “the Balkanization of America” by buying up swaths of land in white, rural, conservative areas of the country.

“First order of business is knocking down The System, mounting it and smashing it’s [sic] face until it has been beaten past the point of death,” he wrote, according to the indictment.

“Eventually we will have to bring the rifles out and go to work.”

Okay does anybody want to guess who these folks supported in the election?

Or is that already obvious?

I think my first question is, how many more groups like this are out there?

And my second question is can we start passing some very serious gun control laws now?

I mean for fuck’s sake these plans were so damn specific. 

This really makes me worry about increased domestic terrorism once Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take office. 

I mean her very existence must drive these over testosteroned incels insane.