Courtesy of Mother Jones:

Mulvaney also addressed Trump’s announcement on Twitter late Saturday that the G7 summit would not be held at the president’s Doral resort in Florida. In an effort to seemingly smooth over concerns about a conflict of interest on the president’s part, Mulvaney made matters worse for Trump by saying, “At the end of the day [the president] still considers himself to be in the hospitality business.”

See? I know that Trump did not take himself seriously as a president. 

However I also do not think that Trump sees himself as being in the hospitality business. 

Trump is not interested in serving the public, either as president or as a resort owner. 

The only busness that Donald Trump is interested in is the business of making Donald Trump as rich as possible. 

And if he can do that by encouraging world leaders to stay in his hotels, create tax breaks which benefit his bottom line,  or by making the Secret Service rent golf carts and bungalows at his golf resorts, then that is what he will do.

You know I think they should have Mick Mulvaney answering questions on TV every week. 

We learn so much from him.