I’m good with either one of those actually.

Courtesy of NBC 4:

Accused pedophile and wealthy Manhattan financier Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and in a fetal position inside his cell at a New York City jail, according to sources close to the investigation.

Epstein, who is being held in Metropolitan Correctional Center during his trial for conspiracy and sex trafficking, was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck, two sources told News 4. Investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened, saying details remain murky.

Two sources tell News 4 that Epstein may have tried to hang himself, while a third source cautioned that the injuries were not serious and questioned if Epstein might be using it as a way to get a transfer.

A fourth source said an assault has not been ruled out, and that another inmate was questioned. The inmate who investigators have talked to in Lower Manhattan facility has been identified as Nicholas Tartaglione, according to two sources. Tartaglione is a former police officer in Westchester County who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy, then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville in Orange County, according to court records.

That inmate and former police oficer claims that he didn’t do anything to Epstein, but it would not be at all uncommon for an accused pedophile to be attacked and even murdered in prison. 

They are totally fine with drug dealers, bank robbers, and even murderers, but people who hurt children are in an entirely different class of wrong and their lives are at risk every day behind bars. 

As a rule, I am all about due process and doing away with the death penalty, but I can tell you that I would not shed one single tear if Jeffrey Epstein did not live to see another sunrise. 

I would likely feel that way toward a person who raped or killed even one child, but for a man who has raped perhaps hundreds?

Oh yeah, I am sorry but my sympathy is offline right now.