According to poll most voters good with getting rid of the Electoral College.

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You can add me that list.

Courtesy of The Hill:

A majority of voters says the Electoral College system should be abandoned in favor of a national popular vote, according to a new poll.

The latest NBC News–Wall Street Journal survey finds that 53 percent of voters say the outcome of the presidential election should be determined by the popular vote, with 43 percent saying the Electoral College system should remain in place.

Democrats are increasingly advocating to abolish the Electoral College. The party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, received nearly 3 million more votes overall than President Trump in 2016, but she only received 232 electoral votes, compared to Trump’s 306.

A similar scenario played out for Democrats in 2000, when then-Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College to then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

Support for moving away from the Electoral College system cuts sharply along partisan lines.

Seventy-nine percent of Democrats say the popular vote should determine the outcome of the presidential election, while 74 percent of Republicans say the nation should stick with the Electoral College. Independents are almost evenly split, with 49 percent saying popular vote and 44 percent saying Electoral College.

I think it is well past time to discard this relic from the past and move to simply use the popular vote. 

That way every vote counts and Democrats will no longer have to worry about having the presidency stolen away from them after they win the election. 

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  1. OT/ May 7, 2019 at 6:24 am

    ““So for it to be revealed that her father-in-law not only works for the president, but is now under an ethics investigation, she was humiliated and conveniently sick for two days.” “Domenech is the co-founder and publisher of the right-wing website The Federalist, which infamously has not revealed the source of its funding.”

  2. anonymous May 7, 2019 at 6:28 am

    The Fox Effect
    “the survey found that Fox News viewers are the only segment of TV news watchers who actually approve of the president, as 73 percent of them said they approved of him. In comparison, 38 percent of broadcast news viewers approved of Trump, while just 34 percent of CNN viewers approved of the president.”

  3. anonymous May 7, 2019 at 7:13 am

    OT/”Cultivating psilocybin and offering medicine to people to change their lives, that will be my mission, or my way of serving others,”
    “Johnson believes the most promising research is on treating anxiety and depression in cancer patients. In a study he conducted with other researchers at Johns Hopkins, he says they found even a single dose can positively affect an individual for several months.
    “It’s really unprecedented in medical history to see effect for depression that are caused by a single medication,”

  4. Anonymous May 7, 2019 at 8:00 am

    Georgia one of the most restrictive states in the country for women seeking an abortion.

    “I realize some may challenge it in the court of law,” Kemp said shortly before signing the measure. “But our job is to do what is right, not what is easy.”

    The American Civil Liberties Union has already promised to fight the law. In a tweet immediately following Kemp’s signature, the group stated: “We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we will see you in court.”

  5. anonymous May 7, 2019 at 8:35 am

    “Was I fired? No,” Wolkoff told the Times in a statement published on Monday.
    “Did I personally receive $26 million or $1.6 million? No. Was I thrown under the bus? Yes.”

  6. Anonymous May 7, 2019 at 8:43 am

    Another pipe dream from the democrats…. If Hillary couldn’t win (because she was a total failure as a candidate, A TOTAL FAILURE (with the exception of high priced Hollywood and hamptons campaign money dinners hanging with the elites), then the rules that have always existed must be changed! lolololol!

    The electoral college is not going anywhere, especially not just because criminal Hillary couldn’t win.

  7. BLM May 7, 2019 at 8:46 am

    The history of business and entrepreneurship lies at the heart of the American story, but often absent are the names and experiences of African Americans who, from the country’s earliest days, have embodied the qualities of innovation, risk-taking and determination to forge a path toward a better life – which is at the heart of the American entrepreneurial spirit.

  8. Anon May 7, 2019 at 9:31 am

    If only this were on one of Moses’ stone tablets. Oh well.

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