Do we really think she is the best person to determine if somebody is lying?

Courtesy of Newsweek:

First lady Melania Trump reportedly told her husband President Donald Trump that Christine Blasey Ford was lying when she gave a tearful testimony accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during his Supreme Justice confirmation hearings.

“You know that woman is lying, don’t you?” Melania Trump told her husband, according to a New York Post report Sunday on the book Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court to be released Tuesday.

The book alleges that Melania Trump was one of the “millions of other women and men” who did not believe Ford’s accusations that Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager in 1982. Kavanaugh vehemently denied accusations of sexual misconduct and was confirmed by the Senate the week after Ford’s testimony.

The first lady in October said that Kavanaugh was “highly qualified for the Supreme Court,” and, “I’m glad that Dr. Ford was heard, I’m glad that Judge Kavanaugh was heard, FBI investigation was done, is completed and the Senate voted.” Melania Trump also said “we need to have really hard evidence … if you accuse [someone] of something.”

This from a woman who has been lied to so many times by her husband that she cannot tell the difference between facts and falsehoods anymore.

 Most people believe that Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was both honest and compelling.

And let’s face it if Melania were te believe the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh she may then have to start believing the more than two dozen women who have credibly accused HER husband of sexual misconduct. 

Speaking of honesty, perhaps somebody should ask her where she is actually living?

Courtesy of DC Tribune:

According to a few unconfirmed tweets, that “amazing mind” of Donald’s that Melania supposedly fell in love with may not be cutting it anymore — as it seems there’s a good possibility that Donald’s wife and youngest son, Barron Trump are no longer living with him in the White House.

Of course, if you think about it, there have been signs pointing to trouble in Trump paradise for a while now. Melania has been extremely quiet lately, even sitting out Donald’s recent trip to Japan for the G20 Summit, during which no one saw any sign of her. And we can’t forget the look of complete misery Melania had plastered all over her face during her hubby’s Fourth of July debacle last week. Not to mention the countless number of times she’s rejected his advances.

Let’s be honest.

It really does seem as if Melania Trump is nothing more than a decorative item that is taken out of its hermetically sealed container for photo-ops and to make Trump seem a little less like a creep. 

I would not be at all surprised to learn that she only sees him when her handlers bring her to some location where he is lying to the American people or attending some event, and then she is whisked right back to her secret lair once again.