A little good news today.

Courtesy of Forbes:

The poll of 3,079 U.S. adults found that the number of Americans who identify as conservative dropped from 40% in February to just 34% in July.

During the same period, the number who identify as moderate rose from 34% to 36%–overtaking conservative identification–while the number who identify as liberal rose from 22% to 26%.

This coincides with an overall drop in the polls for Trump and the GOP since Biden clinched the Democratic nomination and since the outbreak of coronavirus; Trump has dropped from a 4-point deficit in the RealClearPolitics Average in February to 9 points now.

It also corresponds with a sharp rise in affiliation with the Democratic party; according to a Gallup poll on Americans’ party preferences earlier this month, Democrats went from a 2-point deficit in January to an 11-point advantage in July.

Conservative identification dropped across every racial and demographic group, but it dipped most sharply among Americans with a household income over $100,000, those ages 35 to 54, whites and suburban voters–several key blocs for Republicans.

Personally I would be ashamed to identify myself as a conservative with Trump leading the Republican party, but then again I have both morals and ethics. 

Keep in mind that while this is good news for the upcoming election, it really only matters if the people who no longer identify as conservatives vote for Joe Biden and Democrats in local elections. 

Hopefully, they do exactly that.