We knew the disparity was big, but perhaps not this big. 

Courtesy of Mediaite

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a mammoth lead with non-white voters over President Donald Trump in the latest Fox News poll, quintupling Trump’s support from that subgroup.

The Fox News poll released this week shows Biden with a ten-point lead among likely voters with 53 percent support to Trump’s 43 percent — not the worst news considering some of Trump’s other post-covid crisis polls.

In a CNN poll taken early in Trump’s Covid crisis, the former VP walloped Trump by 16 points and garnered 57 percent support nationally. And in the normally Trump-friendly Rasmussen survey, Biden has taken a hefty 12 point lead. Given those results, the relatively small 4-point drop in the Fox News poll might not seem like such bad news to the Trump campaign.

But among non-white likely voters, Biden quintuples Trump’s support with 80 percent to Trump’s 16 percent, and nearly quintuples him among registered non-white voters.

Republicans generally don’t fare well with non-white voters, but even by his own standards, this is a bloodbath compared to the last Fox News poll, in which Biden merely almost quadrupled Trump’s support with non-white voters.

This is why I had to laugh at that Candace Owen founded “Blexit” group that Trump invited to his little rally. 

Black people are not stupid and they know that Trump is doing nothing for them, and does not plan to do anything for them beyond using them as pawns in his attempt to appear non-racist to potential voters.

The idea that more than a sliver of the black community would support Trump over Joe Biden has always been ridiculous. 

And now we know just how ridiculous.