And why should they?

Courtesy of TPM:

A new CNN poll released on Tuesday shows that a majority of Americans don’t fully believe what the White House tells them.

According to the poll, conducted from September 5 through 9, 71 percent of those who were surveyed told CNN that they trusted none or just some of what was directly communicated from the White House.

Thirty percent said that they trusted “nothing at all,” while 41 percent said they trusted “just some of it.”

The numbers show an increase in distrust since November 2017, when 68 percent told CNN they didn’t fully believe the White House’s statements.

I am just amazed that there are 29% of people who believe everything that comes out of Trump’s White House. 

I am firmly in the 30% who does not believe a damn thing they say. 

All my life I have heard that politicians lie, but this is the first time that I felt it had completely replaced the truth. 

Hell even Richard Nixon told the truth some of the damn time.