Jesus H. Christ!

Courtesy of Newsweek:

A new poll from YouGov released Wednesday found a majority of Republicans think the FBI is working to frame President Donald Trump amid the ongoing investigation into his connections with Russia.

YouGov asked U.S. adults: “Do you believe Donald Trump is being framed by the FBI and the Department of Justice?”

Sixty-one percent of Republicans responded with “Yes, he is being framed.” Just 17 percent said he was not being framed while 21 percent were not sure. Overall, 29 percent of Americans thought that the FBI and Justice Department were working to frame the president. A plurality of 45 percent thought Trump was not being framed while 26 percent were not sure. Perhaps predictably, not many Democrats—just 7 percent—thought the FBI was framing Trump while 78 percent responded no, according to YouGov. Twenty-five percent of independents thought Trump was being framed while 39 percent thought he was not.

Try to see things from the point of view of the Republicans they say.

Keep an open mind, they tell me. 

Fuck that! 

There is simply no way to have a positive interaction with people this self-delusional.