Wait, in THIS country?

Courtesy of Rolling Stone:

The victimization of white America put forth by conservatives and right-wing media has taken hold, according to the results in a new poll from Hill-HarrisX. A whopping 75 percent of registered Republican voters said that white Americans face discrimination.

A majority of Independents, 55 percent, sided with Republicans and said white Americans are discriminated against. Meanwhile, only 38 percent Democrats agreed, and sixty-two percent of Democrats said that white Americans face little or no discrimination at all.

However, the poll did find some agreement among the different political spectrums. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans, 82 percent of Independents and 95 percent of Democrats said that African-Americans are discriminated against. And, in total, 81 percent of the registered voters polled said Hispanics also face discrimination.

First off you need look no further than the recent Paul Manafort sentence to realize that white people have it made in this country. 

Let’s face it if Paul Manafort had been a black guy he would have faced a longer sentence than that for jaywalking. 

This is just more of that ridiculous persecution complex that white conservatives and Christians embrace as part of their core identity. 

How the group with the most political and economic power in the country can feel victimized is a mystery that may never be solved. 

But that is how these people justify treating others like human garbage. 

Immigrants are not coming to this country to be free, they are coming to take white people’s jobs and out procreate them to take over the United States.

People who worship other religions are not simply exercising their religious freedom, they are trying to usurp power from the Christians who know for a “fact” that God made this country just for them. 

People with this mindset constantly feel under siege, and that is the narrative that Fox News feeds into on a daily basis. 

No wonder they elected Donald Trump for their president, after all, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini were not on the ballot.