Even animal shelters provide better care than this.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed:

A 5-month-old girl who traveled with the migrant caravan has been hospitalized with pneumonia after spending five days inside freezing cells operated by border authorities in California, her mother said.

A. Portillo, the girl’s mother (who asked to be identified only by her first initial because she is fleeing from an abusive partner), said she jumped a low part of the border fence with her daughter on Dec. 12 near Tijuana before being detained by Border Patrol agents.

The 23-year-old mother said she and her daughter were then placed in holding cells that migrants call hieleras, or iceboxes. The holding cells have been criticized by human rights advocates who describe them as “often poor and in several critical respects identical to those previously found by US courts to be in violation of [Customs and Border Protection’s] obligations and prior commitments.”

The girl had been taking the antibiotic amoxicillin, but Portillo said she wasn’t allowed to keep the medication in detention. She described the temperatures inside the cells as “freezing.”

Portillo told agents that her daughter was sick shortly after being detained, but they told Portillo it was normal and that everyone coming into the holding cells was ill. She wasn’t allowed to get new medication or see a doctor.

“I said I needed a hospital because her breathing was getting worse,” Portillo told BuzzFeed News. “The agents told me I wasn’t in a position to be asking for anything and that they didn’t tell me to come to the United States.”

Jesus, look I know I am just an immoral Atheist and all that, but why can’t our government at least take care of babies? 

Babies are just babies. 

They are not illegal, they are not criminal, and they should not be made to suffer for the imagined sins of their parents. 

I have a feeling that this kind of thing is more widespread than we have been led to believe.

Here is DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen saying under oath that she has no idea how many people have died while in the custody of the Border Control.

Yeah, there are more bodies that we have not yet learned about, that’s for damn sure.