Guns purchased for protection end up endangering those they were supposed to protect. 

Courtesy of ADN:

A 4-year-old girl visiting family at an Eagle River residence shot herself with a gun left loaded on the kitchen counter as bear protection, police say.

The girl was expected to survive her injuries, the Anchorage Police Department said.

Police said they responded to the 30900 block of Prudhoe Bay Ave. just after 10:15 a.m. Wednesday. The girl was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The girl doesn’t live at the house, police said. The loaded handgun had intentionally been left out “due to the area’s bear population.”

A man and four other children were in the home when the shooting occurred, police said. The questions of where the adult was at the time of the shooting and who owns the gun are still under investigation, according to police spokesman MJ Thim. No charges have been filed.

Bear sightings are common in the heavily wooded neighborhood, which overlooks the Eagle River less than two miles from the Eagle River Nature Center. Center operations manager Laura Kruger said sightings of black and brown bears are reported “every few days” in summer.

Owning a gun for protection against bears is a legitimate reason here in Alaska, but I am calling bullshit on the excuse by these homeowners anyway. 

It is one thing if you are headed out into the wilderness, but inside of your home it is incredibly unlikely that you are in danger of a bear attack. 

Yes, to be honest there have been instances of bears breaking into homes, but that is typically way out in the boonies in an area far from civilization.

Eagle River does not qualify as that, and even if it did there would be a one in a million chance a bear would attempt to enter your home. 

Besides even if you had bears jiggling your doorknobs twice a week, leaving a gun unattended where children could access it is still unforgivably stupid. 

These people need to be prosecuted for negligence and they should not be allowed to blame the bears for their stupidity. 

I think the bear should hire an attorney and sue these assholes for defamation of character.