Courtesy of TPM:

Gun owners from around Kentucky showed up armed at the state’s Capitol building in Frankfort on Friday, rallying for gun rights and protesting a proposed “red flag” law and other potential gun limits in the state.

The group “We Are KY Gun Owners” organized the rally, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported, and the event featured speeches from Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) as well as Dick Heller, the plaintiff in the case over the Washington, D.C. gun ban, District of Columbia v. Heller, that the Supreme Court eventually decided in Heller’s favor.

Previous gun rallies at the state’s Capitol building exposed a gun-friendly loophole in the Capitol’s rules, the Courier-Journal observed: Umbrellas and sticks are banned, but not rifles.

That’s true. In fact, guys carrying large military-style weapons are allowed to walk around the metal detector and are passed right through without being searched.

Okay so explain to me the point of having a metal detector if the folks carrying the most dangerous weaponry are simply waved through?

Is somebody who forgot they were carrying a small pocket knife going to be handcuffed and pulled aside for further screening while these pathetic Rambo wanabes in their GI Joe Underoos are allowed to pass unmolested?

Something is definitely fucked up in Kentucky, and it not just that they were ignorant enough to have elected Mitch McConnell as one of their Senators.