And this goes for online classes as well.

Courtesy of Axios

As the coronavirus pandemic pushes more and more universities to switch to remote learning — at least to start — 22% of college students across all four years are planning not to enroll this fall, according to a new College Reaction/Axios poll.

Scores of colleges were already approaching a financial cliff before the pandemic began. Steep drops in enrollment could push some over the edge.

Students are making alternative plans for the fall.

Of those not returning to school, most — 73% — are working full time. Around 4% are taking classes at a different university, and 2% are doing volunteer work.

Freshmen who are unwilling to sacrifice the experience of a normal first year of college appear to account for a big chunk of those who are planning not to enroll this fall. Harvard, which is going fully remote, says 20% of the students in its incoming freshman class are deferring.

Students also recognize the risk. 85% believe they are likely (or very likely) to be exposed to the coronavirus if they’re on campus this fall.

Man, I do not blame these kids one little bit. 

If this was 40 years ago when I attended college I would be giving it a miss as well. 

Education is important but it is not worth risking your life. 

I am currently assisting with online high school classes and I can attest to the fact that it is very challenging and not at all the same as attending in-person classes. 

However, I am not at all sure that by skipping this year that means these students will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional college experience in the next year or so. 

But I guess we will see.