If your night was anything like my night last night, you probably woke up just as exhausted as when you went to bed. 

Watching those results come in was a real nailbiter, and emotionally I am drained. 

The bad news is that it does not appear that we have retaken the Senate though we did add John Hickenlooper and Mark Kelly to our scrum. 

AOC and the squad all seemed to hang onto their seats rather decisively. 

As for the presidential race, well this morning seems far more favorable for Joe Biden than last night. 

As of this writing, Joe Biden has 224 electoral votes to Trump’s 213.

There are five still undecided states leaning Biden’s way. 

Those are Nevada with 6 votes, Arizona with 11, Wisconsin with 10, Michigan with 16, and Maine with 4. 

If you add all of those up they equal 47.

If you add that 47 to the already existing 224 you get 271 and that is the election. 

There are also a number of states where the margins are so thin that even though Trump is leading, the mail-in votes might hand them to Joe. 

The pundits are convinced that the mail-in votes substantially favor Joe Biden over Trump so Biden’s lead is likely safe. 

So I am by no means ready to call this election for Joe Biden, but yes, things look pretty good. 

However, keep in mind that Trump is still challenging those mail-in ballots and arrogantly declared himself the victor late last night. 

Update: It should be noted that Bernie Sanders predicted Trump’s reaction to this election almost perfectly back on October 23rd.

Scary isn’t it?