If they’re lucky they’ll still be in quarantine when he turns up to speak.

Courtesy of USA Today:

The Army has determined 16 West Point cadets have tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to the campus for a commencement address by President Trump scheduled for June 13, according to sources on Capitol Hill.

The affected cadets, a fraction of the 850 who have returned to the campus since spring break in March, are receiving treatment but are not showing symptoms of the disease, Army Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams, the West Point superintendent, said in an interview.

Williams, who declined to specify the number of cadets affected, said screening and safety procedures will allow the ceremony to be held safely.

Sources on Capitol Hill, with access to information but not authorized to speak publicly, said that of the 16 affected cadets, 14 had tested positive for the antibody that indicates they had contracted the virus, recovered and had developed anti-bodies. In addition, 71 of the more than 5,000 faculty, staff and civilians at West Point have tested positive for COVID-19 since March. All but four civilians have recovered, and they are living off the post.

These youngsters may be willing to lay down their lives to serve their country but I doubt any of them want to die just so that some orange-tinted septuagenarian can have his George Patton moment at their expense.

Perhaps they should practice that leadership they have been training for and tell Tangerine Hitler to go fuck himself.